Personal websites are weird time capsules that occupy a strange space in the landscape of the Internet today (January 2022 as of this writing).

Depending on when it was made, looking at your own website can cause crushing anxiety, misrepresenting your internal state or external accomplishments at the particular moment of access.

It could be filled with triggers for setting off a sense of self that's unrealized or has changed — what you made before you knew what you know now, which aesthetics and references you thought hip, that you cared about coming across employable, intelligent, self-aware, radical, mysterious, aloof, etc. etc. etc.

So this is mine for now. There's some design + technology documentation available upon request (jonger4 at gmail dot com). Some music / DJ stuff over here. And some writing over here and some collections of things over here.

Manifesto (Working)

Watching people do drugs is like watching people do VR.

"Life is too meaningless to do things you don't want to do."

I'll probably regret this.

"If what you want is to make money, you can make nothing else."

All I want is to vibe with all my friends at once.

Better to be interested than interesting.